“When I arrived at my job that morning I was excited, like always, to get started. I enjoyed my work as a laborer at a construction site but that day I fell on a temporary plywood platform due to my foot becoming caught under the edge of one of its loose boards. I discovered that the contractor had failed to follow New York State regulations requiring that my work area be maintained in a safe, non-dangerous condition, especially concerning tripping hazards. My injuries included several severely fractured vertebrae for which I underwent major surgery with the insertion of metal rods and screws. I sued the contractor and owner of the premises for negligence and, with Mr. Grossman’s expert legal representation, won a substantial settlement for my pain and suffering and past and future lost earnings.” Ishmael Perez

“I am president of a 500+ employee company involved in bio-medical research. I have known Mr. Grossman for many years, both personally and professionally, and often use his law firm for legal work. He has represented us in complex litigation involving breach of contracts, non-compete agreements, lease drafting and negotiating, debt collection and other business matters. His firm’s legal work has always been thorough, extremely competent and more than worth his reasonable fees.” Pepe Figueroa

“I was born with an extremely deformed left leg which had to be amputated when I was 4 and throughout my life I have had to wear a prosthetic leg. A few years ago my prosthetist sold and fitted me with a supposedly new leg but the fit was horrendous. The fit was so bad that I could only walk by transferring my weight to my right leg, also congenitally deformed but useable, which ultimately gave out and I underwent major surgery to restore its functionality. Due to Mr. Grossman’s perseverance and aggressive representation we discovered that the supposedly new leg I had been sold was actually 7 years old, had never been serviced by the manufacturer as required, and had been custom manufactured, not for me, but for someone else. Once Mr. Grossman uncovered this information he was able to negotiate a very significant settlement.” Rogenia Davis

“It was a rainy night when a NYC Access-A-Ride vehicle struck me as I was crossing the street. It knocked me onto the hood, I rolled off and fell hard to the ground and, while I lay there, the driver insisted he had only “tapped” me. An ambulance arrived and at first, other than a badly sprained ankle and a banged up arm, I thought I was okay. However, I eventually needed major shoulder surgery. I sued Access-A-Ride and its driver and, despite their dragging my case out and trying to make it look like the accident was my fault, Mr. Grossman was ultimately able to negotiate me a significant settlement. Thank you so much Mr. Grossman.” Dominique Rowe

“Michael Grossman has been my personal attorney for more than 3 decades and has represented me in both bodily injury and business matters. Many years ago I was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident and then again, in a second accident, about 4 years later. In that 2nd accident the same parts of my body that were injured in the 1st accident were badly re-injured and aggravated. In both those cases Mr. Grossman was able to obtain substantial damages for me and I will be forever grateful. More recently, I invested in and became part owner of a small pharmacy in the Bronx. Mr. Grossman handled all the legal work including registration and licensing, shareholder agreements, all filings and dealings with the New York State Pharmacy Board and ultimately, sale of the pharmacy to new owners. Thank you Michael, and your staff, for all your excellent legal work.” Carmen Rodriguez